Web Update

January 26, 2008


I’ve updated my site with my latest illustration work. Check out the sources link, you’ll get a nice surprise!



January 5, 2008


Currently I’ve been doing a lot of hybrid Illustration, mixing and creating fictional characters.
This is the first taste. Right now Im developing a Bull-Luchador… I will show it soon!

Exploring new techniques

December 20, 2007


I’ve decided to explore new techniques on Adobe Illustrator so I can have new stuff to show this next year.
It would be nice to show up the mexican culture & history through my work, but please belive me, I do not boast of knowing all the references of it; Im just a mexican middle class guy who loves to apreciate strange street-dogs, flying piñatas and Mayan old relics.
This first illustration taste reflects my admiration for mexican prehispanic history and the wildlife of that period.
If you are interested on this topic; go rent Apocalypto by Mel Gibson and you’ll see why I fell in love with the mayan stuff.

Tucan Girl Tee

December 13, 2007


My girlfriend Cindy told me that I should try the “self-promotion thing” in order to spread my freelance business to the world!… actually my country..ha…..so this first line is for ladys.
I’ll sell them’ next year, cuz this holydays I’ll be busy as hell.
Thank God we hooked up a project for a national automotive spare parts and you know how it is
Worst thing: looooooooong meetings.
Good thing: cold air and coffe cakes, and my girlfriend for sure!

Rebel santa V.2

December 8, 2007


Rebel Santa V.1

December 6, 2007


Reciently a client asked me to develope a Santa Clause illustration, but not just a typical santa…no sir!
He wanted me to do a Rebel Santa, you know…REBEL…that american 50’s kick-butt-attitude. So I started lookin’ at James Dean pics and movies so I could picture that.
Finally, after a few hours of sketching (when I design types, make illustration or start a vector collection I DO LOVE SKETCHING-nothing compares!) I started the Rebel Santa Illustration.
Is not finished yet…any suggestions?

gosh! this is gonna be a L-O-N-G night… Oh sweet dawn


Little Superstar

December 3, 2007

I found this video at Chopan’s Blog.
Chopan is a good friend of mine who has done a lot of grafic achievements thru his crew Protestante!
This video is hilarious!
I should do the robot…sadly im a bad dancer.


November 30, 2007


There’s so much fun playing around with AI & PS.

Mockin’ up

November 29, 2007


Mockin up a shirt…my God It’s 1:40 am…Im so tired.


November 28, 2007


A pontential client asked me to do a tribe mask illustration, so I started skechin’ a typical mask on my light table.
At the first time my idea didn’t work, cuz It seemed like a high-contrast image, so I started over again…over..and over..and over again…Until my sharpen was writting like crap.
But, I have to say this: God bless AI… It helped me a little bit to get along with my apreciation problem. I used a lot of cropping and fuss to get a nice result, but I must explain….It is not finished yet.