November 30, 2007


There’s so much fun playing around with AI & PS.


Mockin’ up

November 29, 2007


Mockin up a shirt…my God It’s 1:40 am…Im so tired.


November 28, 2007


A pontential client asked me to do a tribe mask illustration, so I started skechin’ a typical mask on my light table.
At the first time my idea didn’t work, cuz It seemed like a high-contrast image, so I started over again…over..and over..and over again…Until my sharpen was writting like crap.
But, I have to say this: God bless AI… It helped me a little bit to get along with my apreciation problem. I used a lot of cropping and fuss to get a nice result, but I must explain….It is not finished yet.

Sea Food Logo

November 23, 2007


Things at my office are really crazy…
Im super-busy gettin ready for an Art Exhibit this next monday, and I reciently hooked up a good project that includes all the identity for a sea food restaurant. They wanted me to develope a type design and a mermaid illustration.
Basicly this is the process:
Brain Work + Sketch + Scanner + Mouse Clickin’= Pain in the butt & Headache…but there’s nothing better than this!!. Thank you Jesus!

Type Design

November 20, 2007



When I was at Art School, I used to draw on the back of my notebooks a lot of type treatmens. At that time I didn’ knew anything about the rules to get a decent Type Design, until I finished my studies. After all those years, I spent a few months watching closely the work of urban artist such as

  • KAO 09
  • Both of them are friends of mine. Please check out their web-blog so you can learn good things about this HOT-TOPIC!

    Right now, Im collecting all the type design that I made thus far, cuz I’ll upload and redesign my website…uff!
    Thank God for their lessons!

    Vector Stuff!

    November 14, 2007


    So Im workin pretty hard on a few vector collection, maybe later I’ll sell them’ on my website…or…maybe via WWFT…cross fingers!

    Chihuahua T Shirt!

    November 7, 2007


    Chihuahua Illustration

    November 5, 2007


    Heck yeah dude!
    After 4non-stopin’-hours I have finished this Chihuahua Illustration. What do you think man?